Hilo Office

mitsuyama + rebman lllc

We are located at 344 Kilauea, across Ben Franklin, next to Hilo Bottle Shop, one building away from Two Ladies Kitchen. We are open for workshops and by appointment for Limited Legal Consultations and for mediation. 

Workshops - We offer information-intensive workshops periodically. 

Hilo Limited Legal Consultation Days. Each one hour consultation is $250, significantly less than our usual hourly rates. You should bring any court documents, any draft documents, and if possible, completed Income and Expense Statement and Asset and Debt Statments (see the Family Court website or our office can send you the forms). These consultations are intended as guidance and advice for you to represent yourself or to prepare for potential legal issues. 

Please see our FAQ page for more information on Limited Legal Consultations. This is the option to choose when you need to check with counsel before entering into final settlement discussions, before going to court, or - most preferably - before beginning your divorce or custody case, but you are going to handle your case yourself, and you want individual legal advice in addition to information on the law. 

The HIlo office offers mediation in all family law and real estate areas. Mediation is a working process - first we talk briefly to both sides to be sure both want to mediate and understand that it requires work on both sides. Then we send you forms to fill out so the mediator has the basic information on the parameters, and then we schedule the mediation. Some matters are suited for one longer session, some will require information-gathering along the way and therefore we start with scheduling a shorter initial session. If you do not want to be in the same office at the same time as the other party, we schedule accordingly. Mediation fees are $300 per hour, to be paid as the parties agree prior to booking the appointment. 

We also provide full traditional representation for Hilo cases. Please see our FAQ pages for some information on initiating that process.