Frequently Asked Questions

  • Consultations

    Our initial consultation with you generally lasts about an hour. We do an initial review of your documents, discuss the law, and outline the possible routes to final resolution.

    We find, and our clients agree, that this is one of the most valuable hours a client can spend, as it brings order to a daunting process. We charge our usual hourly rate of $375 + GET for this meeting.

  • What you should bring to your initial consultation

    You should fill out the Asset and Debt Statement and the Income and Expense Statement found on the Hawaii Family Court website or emailed to you by our office.

    We also ask that if possible, you bring your last two years of tax returns and  and other documents that affect your case, such as written agreements between the parties, documents that substantiate your claims or the other side’s claims, and a completed Client Intake Form that we will email to you when you make your appointment.

  • Retainers

    Before we can represent you, we need a signed retainer agreement and an initial retainer. The amount of retainer needed will vary according to your case, with the standard retainer being $10,000-15,000, higher in cases involving businesses, trusts, interstate issues, and other such matters. We bill against your retainer and if it is being depleted and your case is ongoing, we may require an additional retainer. The amount of the initial retainer is not an estimate of actual cost of your case, as each case is individual and depends on various factors.